Professional image

You are looking at this site because you want your writing to present a professional image:

  • marketing collateral
  • reports
  • training guides
  • press releases
  • e-learning modules
  • presentation slides/notes
  • newsletters
  • web pages
  • company report and accounts

It’s much harder to spot mistakes in your own writing than in someone else’s because you know what your work should say, not what it does say.


How much of your time do you spend reading and re-reading your text? If you use a proofreader to check it instead, you can use your own time more effectively. As an experienced proofreader I can join your project after the first draft or the final draft. And check as much or as little as you wish.

Business sectors

I am the Director of Proofwrite Limited and you can read more about me here. Proofwrite’s clients come from a diverse mix of sectors including:

  • performance management
  • travel
  • insurance
  • PR
  • marketing and branding
  • land & farm management
  • telecoms
  • B2B
  • web design
  • GIS
  • e-learning solutions

You can see a more detailed selection of clients on the portfolio page.

On a regular basis I proofread many types of documents, newsletters, marketing brochures and collateral, training guides, white papers, magazines and press releases in a variety of formats including word processing software, presentation software, PDF and online.